This is NEW web platform Ver 1.0


1). If you use 2G and 3G tracker, you can still use old platform at , this new platform does NOT support 2g and 3g tracker, because 2G and 3G cellular network will be discontinued any time in USA

2). you need to create the new account at this new platform even if you have an account at the old platform.

3). [VERY IMPORTANT] please install the NEW iOS or NEW Android App, the old App does not work with the new web platform, you can scan or click the following app icon to identify the App name in the App store

Tracking Mode Examples:
( by default, the location is uploaded every 20 seconds, you can change the tracking mode for all 4G LTE IOT trackers thru ablegrid mobile App )
sample route for default mode ( upload the location every 20 seconds ), but with shorter standby timesample route for every 15 minutes uploading the location, but with longer standby time