Old Platform will be retired

By end of this month, the old tracker platform will be retired.
Please switch to the new platform and new app, if you don't know how, or if you have the old tracker model, which does not support the new platform, please contact csw@ablegrid.com or Live Chat with our tech support to get free new tracker.

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New App release

After updating the new iOS or Android App, please logout and login again to activate the notification service.

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Sim Card Renew Subscription Notice

Due to cellular network new policy, any individual simcard subscription can not be renewed after 6-month inactivation.

For example, you bought a sim card alone or any tracker comes with sim card ,which need to be activated thru "individual simcard activation web portal", activated on March 1st with 1 month plan. After 1 month, the 1-month subscription is expired, if you don't renew it before September 1st, the simcard will be automatically permanently terminated. You have to buy another new simcard from us in order to use the device.

buy new simcard from here

This renewal policy does not affect the new model with the monthly plan included. If you buy the tracker with the monthly plan included, after the subscription is expired, you can renew any time in the future.

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Low Battery Alert

All new GPS trackers added with this APP will be automatically set up with LOW BATTERY Alert.

For adding this feature to the existing tracker, please log in at gps.ablegrid.com to add LOW BATTERY ALERT, follow these steps:

Setting-> Events-> (at left lower corner) Add-> Choose Type "Low Battery" -> select the GPS tracker and the date and time you want to monitor

Geofence Zone In/Out Alert

You can use the App to set up the Geofence by clicking the icon on the tracker's map. or watch the tutorial video at video tutorial

You need to create the new account at this new platform even if you have an account at the old platform.

Tracking Mode Examples:
( by default, the location is uploaded every 20 seconds, you can change the tracking mode for all 4G LTE IOT trackers thru ablegrid mobile App )
sample route for default mode ( upload the location every 20 seconds ), but with shorter standby timesample route for every 15 minutes uploading the location, but with longer standby time

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